Don't stand in line.




A Cloud-Based System.

An intelligent system for a simple problem.


Long lineups are the bane of the customer experience. Whether it's a routine checkup at the doctor's office, a grocery store run, dinner at a packed restaurant, or getting a license renewed at a service centre – long lineups are everywhere. VQueues is an intelligent cloud-based system that eliminates this inconvenience by allowing businesses to move their waiting rooms online with just a few clicks. With VQueues, customers can join a virtual queue remotely and await their turn nearby or in the comfort of their cars. They'll receive a notification or an SMS alerting them once staff are prepared to greet them. They can then make their way inside and skip the line entirely. 

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With VQueues, businesses can manage virtual queues and obtain essential information ahead of time using a customizable form builder. Additional staff can be added to a single company account to track queues in real time and view customer data. Staff can alert customers with notifications and SMS.

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VQueues allows customers to join queues remotely and await their turn nearby or in the comfort of their own cars. Required forms and paperwork for service can be completed digitally beforehand, saving customers valuable time. Customers will receive notifications and SMS alerting them to make their way towards the business.

Eliminate Crowded Areas


Keep your lobby and waiting area space clear by allowing customers to join queues remotely and alerting them through notifications/SMS.

Elevate Customer Experience


Prevent customer frustration by allowing them to skip the line up entirely. Instead, your customers can continue their activities nearby or relax in the comfort of their car while awaiting their turn.


User Friendly

Your staff can monitor in real time the queue traffic and size of queues. Additional staff members can easily be added to the company account to manage queues.

Save Time


Save time by having customers fill out registration and any other necessary paper work before arriving at the business using the customizable form feature.

Use Cases

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Protect your customers and staff by reducing crowding and patient wait times. Allow customers to complete patient registration digitally. 



Create an elevated dining experience by allowing your customer to wait for their table comfortably. Notify them when it's time to make their way inside.


University and Schools

Reduce crowds for advisory services and meetings with teachers and professors.  



Pharmacies using a walk-in system can streamline the pickup process. Notify customers when their prescription is ready for them.

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Service Centres

Reduce customer wait times and boost staff productivity at service centres..

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Spas and Salons

Clear up your reception and lobby area and have your customers join the queue remotely. Notify them when it's their turn to be pampered.


Grocery Stores

Eliminate crowding in stores by allowing your customers to relax and wait remotely. Notify them when they may enter the store.



Reduce wait times and crowds for your banking services. Notify customers when a bank clerk is ready to serve them.


Amusement Parks

Create queues for your popular rides to reduce wait times and crowds. Let your visitors enjoy other rides and entertainment as they wait.