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A safe queuing experience

in 7 steps


Select a Category

Browse the different categories with queues you may join. Types include: restaurants, schools, universities, salons, banks, grocery stores, restaurants, liquor stores, and service centres.

Browse Local Businesses

Browse local businesses in your area.

Join a Queue


Select a queue and join remotely. Enter basic information such as your name and phone number. Select how you whether you would like to receive app notifications or an SMS when it is your turn.

Complete Required Forms

Complete forms, sign documents and upload identification if required, saving valuable time as forms can be completed before arriving at the business.

Get your Queue Ticket

You will receive a queue ticket which displays which place you are in the queue. Your unique ticket number will also be available.


Relax and Wait

Relax and wait your turn nearby or in the comfort of your car.


Receive Notifications

You’ll be alerted when the business is ready for you through notifications or SMS.

Make your Way to the Business

Once notified, you can make your way inside and skip the line entirely. 

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