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Meet our Team

We are a team of innovators driven to dramatically enhance the customer queueing experience.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ananya Vishwanath

Computer Science and Business Administration Student at the University of Waterloo
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Ananya Vishwanath has more than four years of experience working with Java. She is attending Waterloo University for a double degree in computer science and business administration (Wilfrid Laurier University).

Chief Operations Officer

Karen Truong

Economics Student at the University of Western Ontario
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Karen has taken several leadership roles such as the regional director of Toronto at Tech under Twenty and  sponsorship director at Creators' Joy, .  

Chief Marketing Officer

Steven Pham

Economics Student at the University of Western Ontario
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Chief Finance Officer

Cindy Liu

Economics Student at the Wharton School of Business
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Steven has more than three years of marketing experience for student startups/organizations. He is attending the University of Western Ontario (with Advanced Entry Opportunity to the Ivey Business School) to study financial economics. 

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