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A safe queuing 

system in 7 steps

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Create Queues


Create and configure virtual queues. Set the opening and closing times and average wait time. Select whether appointments are necessary and whether additional customer information is required upon joining the queue.

Add Queue Managers

Add additional staff members to a single company account to create and manage queues. Staff members can log in to the company account using their own email and password.

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Create Forms

Obtain additional information through a form. Create a customizable questionnaire and capture information in various formats, including addresses, emails, signatures, phone numbers and photos. This saves valuable time as forms can be completed by customers before arriving at the business.

Monitor Queue Traffic


Monitor queue traffic in real time and track the number of customers joining each queue.

View Customer Details

View customer details such as their name, unique queue ticket number and the time they joined the queue. If customers are required to complete a form upon joining the queue, you can view their responses. Forms can be can be printed directly off the app or emailed automatically as customers join the queue.

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Notify Customers

Notify your customers when you are ready for them. Staff can then send a standard predefined notification or a customized notification.


Greet Your Customers

Once notified, your customer can make their way inside and skip the line entirely.

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